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Award-winning experienced art director and senior creative with a proven record driving business for diverse industries and clients. Passion for creating sharp, professional, and unique designs and messages that immediately attract attention and drive responses. Adept in developing high-impact global brand strategies, marketing materials, brand identities, both through interactive and print designs. Dedicated to finding the most cost-efficient and creative solutions for all challenges. Track record of meeting the most demanding deadlines, communicating effectively with cross-functional teams and clients, and leading by example. Verified thought leader with extensive expertise for taking a hands-on approach in directing artists, leading cross-functional client and team collaboration, and bringing robust creative concepts to life. Specializes in bringing unique hand-drawn based design solutions to fruition. Possesses a passion for learning and teaching.

Expertise & Skills
Branding   |   Sketching   |   Ad Design   |   Typography   |   Photo Shoots & Editing   |   Copy Writing   |   Layout   |   Package Design   |   Print Production & Pre-Press Operation   |   Brand Standards   |   Brand Consulting & Mentoring  |   Client Management   |   Project Management   |   Budget Management   |   Marketing   |   Advertising   |   Logo Design   |   Direct Mail   |   E-mail Marketing & Campaign Development    |  Video Production, Shoots & Editing   |   User Experience/UX/UI   |   Mobile Application Design   |   HTML   |   CSS   |   FTP   |   WordPress   |   Teaching & Collaboration   |   Murals   |   Gallery Installations   |   Fine Art   |   Screen Printing

Software Proficiency
Mac OSX   |   Windows OS   |   Proficient Since, 2006
Adobe Creative Suite   |   Proficient Since, 2006
Microsoft Office Suite   |   Proficient Since, 1996

2007  –  Present   |  Freelance Clients

Hatch House  |  Wilmington, DE
Delaware Burger Battle  |  Wilmington, DE
Barba Kennels  |  Bear DE
CoAKT  |  Wilmington, DE
Gable Music Ventures  |  Wilmington, DE
Earth Spring Foods  |  Wilmington, DE
Malloc Media  |  Jersey City, NJ
Bayard Law  |  Wilmington, DE
The Coin Loft  |  Wilmington, DE
Engage3sixty  |  Wilmington, DE
Lisa Lloyd Marketing Group  |  Wake Forrest, NC
Valken  |  Sewell, NJ
The New Wilmington Art Association (NWAA)  |  Wilmington, DE
Chris White Gallery At the Shipley Artist Lofts  |  Wilmington, DE


Preservation Initiatives  |  Wilmington, DE
Veroha  |  Wilmington,
DELaugh! Magazine  |  Wilmington, DE
The City of Wilmington, DE
Pescator And Associates  |  Havertown, PA
Arden Music Guild  |  Arden, PA
Home Works And Supply  |  West Chester, PA
Orillas Tapas Bar  |  Wilmington, DE
Al’s Sporting Goods  |  Wilmington, DE
Carman Ford  |  New Castle, DE
NUCar Connection  |  New Castle, DE
Sprazzo  |  West Chester, PA
West Chester University  |  Art Department  |  West Chester, PA
CrossPro  |  Wilmington, DE

12.2017 – Present   |   The Barn Creative Agency   |   Wilmington, DE
Sr. Graphic Designer   |   Full-Time

12.2017 – Present   |   Einstein Healthcare Network   |   Philadelphia, PA
Sr. Special Projects Designer   |   Full-Time

11. 2013, 2017 – Present   |   The Creative Circle   |   Assignment Driven
Sr. Graphic and Interactive Designer   |   Full-Time
•    The Archer Group, Wilmington, DE       (Clients Include: WaWa)
•    All Around Creative, Medford, NJ

1.2017 – 4.2017   |   MRP (Market Resource Partners)   |   Philadelphia, PA
•    Graphic Designer  |  Full-Time

•    Brand standards and re-branding concepts for MRP 2017 roll out.
•    Campaign creative direction for client content projects
•    Project and client management
•    Direct mail campaigns: Complete conceptualization to fruition for client presentation.
•    Web banners: Complete conceptualization to fruition for client presentation.
•    Copy writing for client projects: Headlines, subheads and body copy.
•    Complete conceptualization for client projects including original digital art for presentation.
•    End-to-end design support for client and internal lead generation campaigns, both digital media and physical print.

3.2014  –  2.2016   |   SevOne   |   Newark, DE
•    Sr. Graphic Design and Creative Specialist   |   Full-Time
As the sole Creative for SevOne I was directly involved in facilitating all-encompassing visual and graphic design solutions with all facets of the business and day to day operations of all departments, which included deliverables for all offices:

•    Creative Direction & Execution
•    Branding Both Internal & External Facing Projects
•    Brand Standards & Interpretation
•    Brand Marketing
•    Departmental Graphic Solutions & Promotional Pieces
•    Marketing Department Coordination
•    Signage & Event Posters
•    Recruitment Collateral
•    Internal & External Print collateral
•    White Papers
•    SevOne Magazine: Creative Direction, Execution & Coordination
•    Web Based Graphics, Blog Posts & Web Banners
•    In House & Event Photographer
•    Event Management & Documentation
•    Vendor Coordination
•    Video Production & Moving Images
•    Power Point Presentations  & Execution
•    Pre-press output for vendor applications and print

2012  –  2013, 2016   |   The Creative Group   |   Assignment Driven
Sr. Graphic Designer   |   Full-Time
•    CBRE Commercial Real Estate, Wayne, PA
•    Koncordia Group, Wilmington, DE       (Clients Include: DuPont)
•    Health Advocate, Plymouth Meeting, PA
•    Agency M, Philadelphia, PA       (Clients Include: Comcast xfinity)
•    West Pharmaceuticals, Lionville, PA
•    JK Design Inc., Hillsborough, NJ
•    Assembly, Philadelphia, PA
•    Christiana Care, Wilmington, DE

2012  –  2013   |   Aquent  |   Assignment Driven
Sr. Package Designer   |   Full-Time
•    Westinghouse Lighting, Philadelphia, PA

5.2010  –  10.2012   |   The Chris White Gallery at The Shipley Artist Lofts   |   Wilmington, DE
•    Curatorial Director   |   Full-Time
Procured artist and musicians for the monthly events calendar. This position requires regular and continued communications with artists and musicians via phone and e-mail. Reviewed CW Gallery proposals for approval. Coordinated the install and de-install of Fine art as well as designed and imposed current CW Gallery procedures. Maintained data bases for gallery usage and patron communications.

4.2009  –  7.2012   |   ADVentures Printing   |   Wilmington, DE
•    Creative and Art Director   |   Full-Time (Currently Out of Business)
Created original art work for client companies including: logo design, product brochures, business forms, prescription pads, postcards, signs, branded promotional products and direct market campaign materials. Followed vendor specifications for output and design limits. This position required regular communication with vendors and clients via phone and e-mail. Also, worked under specific time lines for client approval and distribution.  Created and maintained archiving system for client files.

6.2007  –  6.2010   |   The Delaware College of Art and Design   |   Wilmington, DE
•    Adjunct Instructor   |   Part-Time
Developed and researched course specific lectures and hands on demos for the art history classes: “Urban Expressionism,” “Zine Creation,” and “Marketing Design Challenge” Administered and graded students throughout the semester,  Class projects allowed students to work under deadlines for critique and learn the evaluation process. Students are asked to  share their thought process, interact with other students, and to become self motivated. Each class has specific projects that are designed to enhance the students thought process and provide material for their current portfolio expansion.

4.2008 – 6.2008   |   Barksdale   |   Portrait, Aston, PA
•    Graphic Designer   |   Full-Time, Contractor
Consulted in the enhancement and manipulation of photographs for print materials, including yearbooks, annuals and company collateral. Was responsible for page layout, correlation and documentation for each client’s materials. Also, worked under specific time lines for client approval and distribution.

4.2007  –  12.2007   |   ING Annuities   |   West Chester, PA
•    Graphic Designer   |   Full-Time, Contractor
Consulted in the coordination of requests for design and editorial changes to insurance business forms using Adobe InDesign. Was responsible for distributing updated versions to external vendors. The position required regular communication with stakeholders via phone and e-mail. Also, was involved in the ING Employee Giving Campaign and worked directly with the Marketing Design Director to design and execute original art work used in the lobby as an advertising piece.

3.2007 – 4.2007   |   Dragon’s Lair Printing   |   Claymont, DE
•    Screen Printer    |   Full-Time
Specialized in the transfer of original art work for custom designed T-shirts, and assisted in all aspects of design production. Maintained specific apparatus for ink printing. Organized and updated orders. Other duties include the filing and maintaining of database purchase orders for clients.

West Chester University

•    Graphic Arts, BGD   |   2006, August
•    Studied abroad in Italy   |   2006

Delaware Technical and Community College
Industrial Engineering, AIE   |   2003, May
Operations Management, AOM   |   2003, May

Professional Affiliations
•    New Wilmington Art Association (NWAA)   |   2008 – 2012
Assistant Graphic Designer   |   Recruitment  (Officer)
•    Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA)   |   2009

TSN Publishing   |   Graphic Designer   |   2005
Summer Internship: Designed advertisements that appeared in various TSN Publishing publications, including Playbill for the Delaware Opera House, Out and About and Cruising. Ads were designed using CorelDraw and InDesign, and were typically completed the same day as the request. The position required communication with clients to understand their expectations for the ad.

Direct Radiography   |   Facilities Layout Designer   |   2003
ING Variable Annuities   |   Contract Proof Reader   |   2002
ING Golden America Inc.   |   File Clerk   |   1999
Moeckel Carbonell   |   Architectural Designer   |   1999

Salary Requirements
Negotiable with in competitive or fair compensation for the job description.