Over the years I have been in a multitude of different bands from the Marching and Jazz Band in High School where I played drums to a Hardcore band that released 3 records. I enjoy a lot of different music from the folky singer / song writers of the 7o’s like Nick Drake and even Led Zeppelin to modern bands like Deftones. As a music lover and appreciator, I run the gambit with musical influences from Depeche Mode to Trespasser Williams and DJ Shadow to Washed Out. I am very open to new music and new sounds. Thrice, August Burns Red, Underoath, Norma Jean, Rage Against the Machine and POLIÇA and a lot in between round out my music tastes and back ground. Music with meaning of any kind that creates thought or passion for thought, are the basis for which I create either behind the drum kit or the computer screen.

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Tithonos | 2013 – Present | Drums
LIVE, EP | Due in 2016

Solo Performer (3EYES) | 2003 – Present | Guitar and Vocals
The stars are falling, LP | 2006

Floating Mammoth | 2011 – 2012 | Drums

Hostile Intentions | 1998 – 2004 | Drums
Self-Titled, EP | 1999
Prominens, Double Disc | 2002
Prominens LP Singles | 2003



Floating Mammoth  |  Drummer
Wicked Cry  |  Altered EGO  |  Mojo 13  |  Claymont, DE


Floating Mammoth  |  Drummer
The Corner Of Your Eye  |  World Cafe Live Queen Theater
Wilmington, DE