|’thrē| + |’ī ’es|

1. Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas of questioning your surroundings, especially in the production of an artistic work or creative project. “Question Everything” – (to) Create without limits or harnesses. (or) To create with purpose for thought.

The origins of 3EYES can be traced back to my dorm room while attending college at the University of West Chester in West Chester, Pennsylvania. I have chosen the moniker of 3EYES because of my early passions for advertising characters and my modern adoration for street art. I created Kid3EYES complete with back story and distinctive imagery, similarly in context to the Michelin man selling tires or even Bob’s Big Boy selling hamburgers. Thus, creating product recognition much like a branding agency would brand a product. My product being the brand name of 3EYES (art) and all of the supporting details that go along with it. 3EYES is my creative umbrella that embodies who I am.